Unit Testing Series

Fri Feb 1 2013 | Mark Struzinski

I have wanted to get better at unit testing and the tooling around it for some time. I usually start out determined to get a good amount of the code covered by unit tests, and to possibly get some UI tests built around user interactions. Unfortunately, deadlines intervene, and the tests get abandoned. With my most recent project, I decided to put all of these practices in place.

Keyboard Maestro macro to open in browser from ReadKit

Wed Jan 16 2013 | Mark Struzinski

I recently switched to ReadKit for reading Instapaper articles on my mac. I switched over from Read Later (no longer available). Read Later was my app of choice for a long time, but it is no longer in active development. The team was hired by Pocket, and they are working solely on the mac app now. Read Later was good, but some much needed updates were never implemented. The display for articles was frequently skewed, and the app had started to crash a lot.

Homescreen January 2013

Thu Jan 3 2013 | Mark Struzinski

I’m going to try to do a post once per month detailing my current iPhone homescreen. If it works out well, I might also do one a month for the iPad as well. Below is a screenshot of my current homescreen.


Wed Dec 12 2012 | Mark Struzinski

I’ve been using a handy little utility named CodePilot since Xcode 3.x. CodePilot runs as a plugin and does a few things simply. It will open any file that has been indexed in your project, and also allows for searching symbols within a file.

OCUnit - Script to Kill Simulator After Tests Run

Wed Oct 10 2012 | Mark Struzinski

I’m in the process of adding OCUnit tests to an existing iOS code base. Throughout this process, the biggest pain point I have encountered has been the simulator taking over the screen after an application test suite has run.

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