Quick Tip: TextExpander/Octopress New Code Block

Mon Feb 25 2013 | Mark Struzinski

Just a quick tip. This blog is built using Octopress. Octopress uses Jekkyl to create a static HTML site using markdown files for the content. I’ve been slowly building up some markdown specific TextExpander snippets and Keyboard Maestro macros to make things easier.

I got some great Keyboard Maestro tips from Patrick Welker in this RocketInk article. I’ve also been creating small TextExpander snippets make it easier to put in blocks of code and other commonly used elements.

Here is one I recently created that I use a lot. When I type __ocb, TextExpander creates a code block and places the cursor in the center and ready to accept input. It also asks for the language in a drop down menu (I’ve only included language selections as needed), and a title for the code block. This adds the correct text in the initial line of the code block that will add syntax coloring and a title to the top of the code block.

So, this (minus the underscores):


turns into this:


Here is a link to the snippet.

Let me know if you have any feedback/questions.