CocoaConf Boston 2014

Sun Nov 16 2014 | Mark Struzinski

I attended the Boston stop of the CocoaConf tour this year. As always, it was a quality experience. I learned a ton, and I’m still processing all the valuable information that was crammed into my brain. The Klein family puts together a great mix of technical content, community interaction, and fun events.

The speakers were top notch. I got to meet Ben Scheirman of NSScreenCast fame, who I’ve admired for a long time. Both of his talks were packed full of useful information. 1 Laura Savinola had my favorite session, which was basically 45 straight minutes of Xcode tips, tricks, and hacks. (Lots of note-taking in that one!) 2

The event is paced so that the technical content is buffered with 15 minute breaks, less technical talks, and meals in-between. In my opinion, this prevents your brain from being completely overwhelmed with technical content.

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