I’ve been using a handy little utility named CodePilot since Xcode 3.x. CodePilot runs as a plugin and does a few things simply. It will open any file that has been indexed in your project, and also allows for searching symbols within a file. I know the native Xcode Open Quickly (⌘ + ⬆ + O) dialog has also been able to do this for a long time, but it has always seemed to me to be a little bit slower and less intuitive than CodePilot.
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I started using Kiwi to drive unit tests on my most recent project. Kiwi is an excellent BDD (Behavior Driven Development) framework that helps drive your code design by making test expectations very clear. It greatly increases the readability of your unit tests. The Kiwi library only requires implementation files to write each spec (test). Per the documentation, you follow these steps to create a spec: Create a .m file (no header required) Add an import for the Kiwi library #import Kiwi.
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Quick Tip: I had an issue on a very large project in XCode. Starting 2 days ago, all of my syntax highlighting was completely broken. This is bad, but even worse, my code completion worked only partially. I was getting autocomplete for local variables only. When calling framework methods with a lot of parameters, I rely pretty heavily on code completion. I tried all of the usual fixes. This includes: - Doing a Project Clean (⌘⇧K) - Doing a Clean Build Folder(⌥⌘⇧K) - Restarting XCode
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