This is a follow up to my previous post on persisting PList data to disk as a form of transient storage for data. This second part will just show an easy way to pull that data from disk and get it into memory in an easily usable format. All of our Plists are stored as dictionaries. The keys for the dictionaries are stored as constants in a code file (Constants.
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Recently, we had the need to save some simple transient data to disk. For data of any significant size, we would have looked at Core Data for our persistence. In this case, we decided to use the PList format to save data to disk and pull it back off. We went through several ideas to store this data. Some of the ideas we considered for persistence included: Core Data JSON saved in a flat file format PList saved directly to disk from a Cocoa object such as an NSArray or NSDictionary Because of our specific set of requirements and our hardware stack, we opted to go with the PList format.
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